Interview with James Gorman on Race, Religion, and Society

After Mark Hamilton and Jeff Childers approached me about co-editing a book that would honor Doug Foster’s life and work, we quickly landed on the book’s angle of exploration. We asked authors to explore the intersection of American Christian history, race relations, and unity or division in the church. These topics are at the center of Doug’s life and work in the academy and church. So we proposed chapter topics that focused on specific eras of American history, all with one central question: how did race relations in that era affect unity or division among Christians?


The title of this site carries an implicit ambiguity. Are we talking about a theological method that draws from premises unique to Churches of Christ? Is (a) Church of Christ theology simply the theological product of people formed by and/or concerned with Churches of Christ? How would ‘Churches of Christ’ or ‘theology’ be defined in the first place? Is the concept of (a) Church of Christ theology even coherent given especially our autonomous, if not fractured, ecclesiological state?